March 2017 we had the pleasure of introducing our first daughter, Isla to the world with the help of Zoe. We called Zoe back late 2018 for Harrie's arrival to the family. As a new mum of 2, I totally wasn't ready for her arrival so popped an unnamed Harrie into her arms and disappeared to get ready and she has been a trusted friend ever since.

Zoe has the most fabulous work ethic and captures the tiny details of your most precious moments. My favourite pictures of the girls are from her and we continue to stay in touch. 

Please get in touch with her to book an in home, professional, personable experience to create your lasting memories, whether your engaged, getting hitched, introducing your bump, introducing your perfect newborn or even just to capture your beautiful memories.


Bunbun & Ellie

Hannah as been a friend of mine since secondary school, we rekindled our friendship post university and now between us have a mini football team.

Hannah is one of my most trusted and treasured friends, she is a talented artist who can apply her hand to many media’s.

She is currently expanding her range based around digital & instant download designs. Her range will encorporate birth announcements, personalised portraits & much more! 

She has created rainbow peg dolls which are available on our website. She will also accept customised peg dolls if messaged directly.

Please head over to Hannah’s Etsy:



Mary Meyer

Sometimes a toy is more than just a toy. As much as our characters are defined by the softest fabrics and the sweetest faces, it takes craft and care and no small amount of creativity to make a true Mary Meyer. Made with love for long trips, secret conversations, and never-ending cuddles, our companions come from Mary’s singular belief that “Every child deserves something wonderful to love.”


Tenderleaf Design

At ThreadBear Design, with partners Tender Leaf Toys, they spark imagination, engage playful minds and inspire early learning.

A small company, but they take the environment as seriously as brilliant design. From kitchens and dolls houses to castles, puzzles and outdoor adventure sets, safety-certified toys are all hand finished using reclaimed wood.

We hope you enjoy our toys.